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10 Things You Need to Know About Business Process Improvement


Businesses have come to realize the importance of analyzing their processes as the key to progression. According to recent AIIM research, by embracing BPM practices, one-third of organizations have decreased their review and approval cycles, over 60% have improved routing to and between individuals, and 42% have experienced greater organizational agility and routing between processes.

Is it Time to Adopt a Revolutionary Approach to BPM? - 5 Things to Look For

(excerpt from article by John Mancini)

Consider these three data points from AIIM’s Process Improvement and Automation 2016 – A Look at BPM.

55% of organizations say BPM is “significant” (38%) or “imperative” (17%) for their business.

33% say they plan to replace their current BPM solution.

35% say it is the line-of-business manager who now evaluates BPM solutions.

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