TrinDocs enables organizations to automate accounts payable and other processes by eliminating manual data entry, automating business rules such as invoice to PO matching, retrieving inbound documents from corporate email addresses, and automating approvals and coding.

Our customers have seen a decrease of 40% or more in AP processing time. From the receipt of the packing slip to payment, TrinDocs examines each step and eliminates un-needed manual actions that our TrinDocs document management robots can handle.   

Our AP Automation experts eat and sleep AP. They are the best in the industry around implementing workflows and eliminating steps for your organization. Let us show you how TrinDocs can save your company’s bottom line with AP Automation.

Finally, our solution has the strongest integration with ERP and Accounting solutions in the industry.  Our open API and seamless integration enables the software to work side-by-side with systems you already have.  Our experience setting up these integrations and tying them to your own unique workflow processes is where the big savings are for your organization.

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