Robot Email Handler

TrinDocs was one of the first in the industry to add inbound email handlers as part of our document management application. 

Robot email handler TrinDocs
TrinDocs routing

How does a Robot Email Handler work?

TrinDocs will monitor unlimited email addresses and upload any documents that are received. After the receipt of the document, TrinDocs will read the data from the document, validate information as needed, and then route the documents based on custom workflows and integrations to interact with any back office system such as ERPs, CRM, Point of Sale, etc.

Make your company eco-friendly with TrinDocs.

This process can also be applied to any workflow or document within any department of your organization. Stop printing paper and manually keying transaction information that originates via email. Automate this entire process, and cut down on your carbon footprint. All of this is possible with TrinDocs. 

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Paperless with TrinDocs

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We have case studies available.

If you would like to learn more, feel free to click the button below to request a case study on the work we have done for one of our clients. We promise they are short and sweet, with all the information you need.

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